Wednesday, April 28, 2010

These Toys Are Making My Kids Fat!

And just like that, one of the staples of my childhood is GONE.
Earlier today, lawmakers in Santa Clara County, California banned the sale of meals with packaged toys. Do you know what this means?!

Happy Meals are ILLEGAL.

What?! I loved getting toys with my 4 piece chicken nuggets (BEFORE they were 100% white meat might I add; I'm old school). I have so many fond memories of playing with the green army men from Toy Story, or getting some Hot Wheels with my burger, or admiring my mini Beanie Baby while eating those delicious, golden french fries.


Supporters of the bill argue that offering these toys lead children to consume these unhealthy foods almost uncontrollably, and that the elimination of this siren song that is a Star Wars figurine will decrease childhood obesity by no less than 87329%

In all seriousness though, this seems like one more attempt to try to shift blame away from parents and onto some external party, which in this case happens to be fast food restaurants. McDonald's introduced the Happy Meal in 1979 and Burger King followed suit in 1985 with their own version of a kids meal. Both of these offered toys.

I lived through this era and I like to think I'm not fat! Right? ...Right?!

When I was little, I always wanted to eat at some fast food joint. The reason that I'm not 582 pounds, is because my parents had the common sense to say no most of the time. I'm sure most of you experienced a similar situation when you were children.

I feel like most of these parents just didn't take too much responsibility for their children, and when they awoke one morning to find their obese child doing something obese, they cried "DAMN YOU McDONALD'S!!!"

And now we have stupid laws like this one

Isn't California in the middle of a budget crisis? Why are toys in kids meals even an issue right now?

Check out the ABC News video below for the full story:

Great moment of unintentional comedy: The overweight woman about 15 seconds in speaking the following

"You should be ashamed of yourselves for trying to deprive little children of a toy!"

She's just as outraged as I am!!

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