Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Fort Awesome, Harvard YardWhat I want my blog to be (Image by drgandy via Flickr)

I want to be an internet champion.

I want to be known as Jorge, destroyer/saver/destroyer of worlds, champion of the interwebz.

I realize that internet fame doesn't come overnight like a FedEx package, but I'm trying to expedite this process! I'm updating all my social media profiles almost neurotically in hopes that some guy with nothing better to do is all "zomg this dude is hilarious" and he tells a guy who tells a guy who tells a guy who tells his girlfriend who's all "he's really not that funny" and he disagrees and they get into a fight and they break up. I'm trying to be famous enough to destroy the relationships of people I've never met. My kindergarten teacher always told me to dream big.

Seriously though, I even find myself updating my LinkedIn profile. What?! That was what grown ups used before it somehow became acceptable for them to be on Facebook with the rest of us.

I try to update the twitterz lyk alllllll the time. My issue is that I really REALLY don't have anything of interest to say, which is why it's an awful idea to have a blog.

Whateva, whateva, I DO WHAT I WANT!

So if for some reason or another you find yourself on this awful excuse for a web log (I'm trying to sound professional), pass it on! Shout it from the rooftops! Buy a billboard!

Did I just ask you to promote me? Hell yeah I did! I'm trying to become (internet) rich! And then I'll totally use my new found internet clout to get you a hot girlfriend.

Who better think I'm funny too.
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