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If I took a girl out on a date and as a conversation starter she asked me, "What are your pet peeves?" I'd say, "people that chew with their mouth open and Brett Favre."

"Brett Favre?"

"Yeah, Brett Favre."

For the last as long as I can remember, Brett Favre has spent off seasons dropping the idea of possible retirements, only to come back the next season. Recently, he's taken to actually retiring and then coming out of retirement. He did this last summer with the saga between the Packers organization and Favre, and again this summer when Favre started floating around the idea of coming out of retirement again to play with the Vikings. This story ran for the entire summer becuase, in order to keep it interesting, Favre started saying that he wanted to come back but that it depended on his shoulder and the subsequent surgery he would need. While I'm not saying that statement was a lie, I really don't think that Favre had any intention to return to the NFL and that this man has some kind of sick need for attention. The thing is, he'll always have attention. I mean, he is a future hall of fame quarterback. So maybe Favre just has a need to be a page one headliner. This is the only reason I can think that this happened.

Now, the reason I started writing this post wasn't to tell you guys about something that happened a couple of months ago, but rather something that's happening right now. This morning I came in from breakfast and tuned into SportsCenter at the exact right moment, as they were just starting to talk about Brett Favre possibly returning to the Vikings. What?! Again?! Didn't we just go through this? According to several stories I've read regarding the matter, there's a multitude of reasons Favre could still show up in the NFL this season. One of the reasons was that Favre didn't want to do the whole training camp and dorm situation. Now, I could understand wanting to skip out on training camp in order to avoid an injury that could hamper your regular season play (LaDanian Tomlinson frequently does this.) But even then, LT at least declares that he'll play for the Chargers one more season before he skips out on training camp. Favres other reason, the reluctance to do the dorm thing, is what kind of got me thinking a little bit. I mean, isn't Favre supposed to be tight knit with his teammates considering the fact that they're key to Favre's success? Favre can't just step on the field and throw the ball. He has to make sure that his blockers block and his receievers receive. In my eyes, not wanting to dorm with them means he has a reluctance to spend time with them which means that they can't function as well as they should on the playing field.

Another reason I've heard is that Favre is still taking advice from people close to him regarding the matter, and that his decision is far from made. Seriously? I want Brett Favre to make up his mind today. I want Favre to tell me that he is or is not coming back, and I want him to sign a binding contract stating that he can't flip flop on the issue. I want the NFL to draft "The Brett Favre Rule" in which you can only come out of retirement once and you can only pretend to retire twice. If you exceede those limits, you're retirement becomes permanent and the comissioner literally sets it in stone. He'll have a tablet atop his desk entitled "Permanent Retirees" and the name at the very top will be Brett Favre.

Let me know what you think in the comments. Until next time.
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